We're the people that grow and make your food

The Tasmanian Produce Collective is a Not-For-Profit Co-operative of mostly small-scale, family farmers and food producers in Tasmania. 

Help us create a more diverse and sustainable food system in Tasmania.

Meet our Board

Our board members are a dedicated group producers and community volunteers passionate about making Tasmanian produce more accessible to Tasmanian eaters

Jennifer Robinson


Jennifer came to the TPC Committee in August 2023, bringing with her a deep understanding of the small-scale producer sector in Tasmania, given her role as CEO at Sprout Tasmania.  

Not a farmer herself, Jennifer brings a level of expertise across different sectors after working for 12 years in Sydney in both the private and Higher Education sectors in operations and people management including Executive Officer of the School of Psychiatry at UNSW.  Since returning to Tasmania in 2014 with her husband and daughter Madeline, Jennifer has relished in rekindling connections with friends and family, but also more broadly with the local Tasmanian community which she had felt was lacking during her time in the big smoke. 

Jennifer is passionate about the environment, our food, how it is farmed and produced, and wants to be a part of the solution to our broken food system here in Tasmania.  Jennifer is driven to see change and for Tasmania to be the place to show the rest of the country how a values based, sustainable food system should look. 

Katt Ferrero

Vice Chair

Katt is co-owner of Tamar Valley Pastured and has been a producer and board member since June 2020.

After a career in Administration and Strata Management, Katt and her family relocated to Tasmania in October 2017 to start a pastured egg farm. Now a successful farm business, Katt hopes to share her knowledge and experience to help other small-scale farmers who have a focus on ethics and sustainability to build their businesses. Small-scale farming is not always easy and Katt aims to ensure there is support for those starting out who might not have access to farmers markets and other customer channels. 

Katt believes small-scale farming is the key to building resilient, connected communities, as well as reducing our impact on the environment and increasing food security. Through her work with the TPC, Katt aims to help build a landscape where these farmers can thrive.

Pippa Mills

Secretary & Producer Member - Glenn Torrie Pastures

Part of Glen Torrie Pastures beef farm in NW Tas, Pippa has a keen interest in sustainable farming and carbon footprints. 

With experience in the Graphic design industry Pippa is keen to communicate the benefits of small scale production on the environment and how food quality is impacted by soil and animal health. Pippa became a board member Initially to better understand the needs of producers and consumers alike, and help the Collective grow in its impact and connect with other producers across Tas. Pippa is now a part time teacher as well as farmer and uses both roles to be future conscious in our food choices.  

Brad Millic

Board Member - Coaldale Walnuts
Brad moved to Tasmania in 2021, purchasing Coaldale Walnuts in Tasmania's picturesque Coal Valley. The farm is focused on sustainable agriculture practices using organic fertilisers and management practices.  Since 2021 he has also worked as the General Manager of Operations of a Tasmanian based longline fishing company operating in Antarctic and sub-Antarctic waters, being leaders in the commercial fishing industry in minimising environmental impacts and promoting sustainable operations. He has spent decades working in various State and Commonwealth Governments. 

Nathan Hall

Board Member

Nathan is a complete supply chain food geek. Nathan has over 25 years’ experience specialising in changing operational and food safety culture through effective stakeholder relationships in the FMCG industry, specialising in supply chain. Nathan’s tenure has covered roles with Qantas, Lite n Easy, Wildbreads, One Harvest and Lindt Chocolate. In addition, Nathan has extensive experience in packaging and is part of a new packaging company called Disruptive Packaging replacing polystyrene and waxed cardboard in the food industry. I have had the pleasure of meeting many vendors over my career and helping them along their journey.  I prefer and enjoy being closely connected to our food source and understanding our “why and how we should be improving our planet”. I will continually be researching and assisting to connect local producers and helping people understand best practice to continually learn more.

Natalie Talbot

Board Member

Meet our Producer Members

A more passionate and dedicated bunch you will not find! These folks do more than grow & make your food - their businesses contribute to increasing biodiversity, drawing down carbon and our stabilising climate.

Appinoka Regenerative FarmingWestbae Pastoral
Ashbeez Apiaries
Atkinson Aquaculture

Canopy Ice Cream

Forage Flowers

Fork It Farm

Glen Torrie Pastures

Happy Farmer Organics

Heartlands Larder

Hillwood Fresh Food Co

Huski Greens

Karoolalla Farm

Kindelen Farming

La Cantara

Old Beach Berries

Our Mates' Farm

Preston Ridge Free Range Pork

Primal Alternative by Lisa Marie

Plump Berries

Range Tasmania

Ripple Farm

Sandy’s Sourdough

Shirley & Pauls Homemade Preserves

Sparrow Foot Collective

Springdale Farm


Takone Organics

Tamar Spice Creations

Tasmanian Buffalo

Westbae Pastoral

West Tamar Fungi